Magdalene Feast Day Workshop + Ceremony

Join Seren Bertrand on July 22nd, the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene, for a deep dive into the Magdalene Mysteries to discover pearls of wisdom, beauty, inspiration, and revelation from the oceans of feminine consciousness that live within us all, waiting to emerge. 

The lineage of Mary Magdalene is thousands of years old, emerging from the womb shamans of prehistoric cultures who celebrated the feminine consciousness that wild birthed all worlds and universes. 

The essence of the Magdalene has been buried underground for two thousands years, like a radiant seed of potential, and is now ready to rise up from the dark fertility of earth with a new greening power. 

Together we will immerse into these deep mysteries that are utterly relevant for these times, and meet a forgotten Mary Magdalene who is a money magician, sex alchemist and priestess of the Green Sophia. 

Women are reclaiming not only their birthing power, but their greening power, their veriditas that brings wealth, health, abundance, spiritual fertility, vision and the energy of rebirth. 

* 3 Hour Workshop - Exchange is $100 

* Replay links will be sent if you can't attend live

* Register via this paypal link (Swan Dragon)

* For questions email  contact@serenbertrand.com