Feminine Magic 2022: Birth Your Magnetic Power & Your Destiny

Join Seren Bertrand starting March 1, 2022 for a very special workshop on the return of magnetic feminine magic. 


The feminine dimension has already landed, and we are in a new timeline. Now we must become mistresses of this feminine magic, which is rooted in magnetic power. This is a gravitational field of feminine energy that is responsible for holding and weaving energy together, and accessing the quantum singularity that births miracles.


Throughout time, magical women, priestesses, witches and womb shamans have been known to hold this power to reshape reality, and to call in the powers of creation to enchant, weave, and co-create with the inherent abundance and magic that is rooted in the earth core. When we align with this field of feminine magic we become self-born: meaning we are no longer wired into the over-culture and instead locate our power in the matrix of life, the womb of earth, and the galactic black hole. This is an initiation into the craft of magic. 

Feminine magic is a journey through the taboo magic that society shuns; grief, desire, shadow, death, birth, money, sensuality, domestic alchemy, and the magnetic frequency of the elemental enchantress. 

We will explore the archetype of the 'notorious women' - in the lineage of Mary Magdalene, the original feminine magician whose power made her notorious throughout the ages, and who was a guardian of an immense lineage of sacred feminine wisdom. She was not the good girl, nor the obedient mother.  She was a trailblazer, a red river on fire, and a woman who found her power and lived it fully. 

We will also explore myths, transmissions and medicine stories of self-born feminine trailblazers, including the story of Inanna stealing her womb power back, the fairytale of Little Red Riding Wolf, and the self-born creative magic of Mae West and Anais Nin. 


Our time together will include teachings, sharings, transmissions, body practices, feminine magical arts and self-study and practice . 

Feminine Magic: The Age of Notorious Women

There was a woman who was a notorious sinner in that city. When she learned that Jesus was eating at the Pharisee's home, she took an alabaster jar of perfume…”  Luke 7:37, International standard version


When we don’t do as we’re told, we become notorious


This is the death of the good girl we were trained to be, 


And the birth of the notorious woman we’re destined to be,


In this deluxe energy we become feminine trailblazers


In old times, notorious came from the words ‘to be known’


Which was rooted in the even more ancient ‘gno’ 


To know, ‘gnosis’ – the root of all feminine wisdom


It is time to stop behaving and to become knowing


Now is the time to awaken your feminine magic


We are entering the Age of Notorious Women


Are you ready to become self-born? 


We will open the grimoire on this feminine magic: 


  • Womb

  • Grief

  • Magnetism

  • Manifestation 

  • Money

  • Power

  • Enchantment  

Mitochondria Magic: Day 1: March 1st, 2022

We will begin with a group energy transmission to align your mitochondria with the quantum singularity of the cosmic womb. 

Chaos Magic: Day 2: March 2nd, 2022

You will be invited to a 3-hour online gathering to journey into the descending path of shadow, and the feminine mysteries of the dark. 

We will explore grief, shadow, death, magical terror, and rooting. 

Manifestation Magic: Day 3: March 3rd, 2022

You will be invited to a 3-hour online gathering to journey into the rising path of radiance, and the feminine magic of soul rebirthing. 

We will explore money, sensuality, energy rebirth and blooming. 

Magic Circle: You will also have membership to the Great Weave online community from March 1st - April 1st where we can connect. 

Exchange: $222 - Register via this link (through Azra Bertrand's website) 

This includes: 

* The opening energy transmission gathering on Mar 1st

* The two 3-hour workshops Mar 2nd & 3rd 

* Great Weave membership - online community for 1 month (Azra's Biomancy workshop is not included in this package, but is included in the Advanced Magic package, below) 

Feminine Leadership: Advanced Magic

There will be an additional 3-hour workshop on March 7th for women who want to explore initiations in feminine leadership, and who are already sharing their work as leaders, healers, teachers, embodiment coaches, therapists and any other holding container. 

We will dive into the nitty gritty of what it really means to be a self-born feminine leader and to share your visions 'out there' in the world, and how to harness feminine magnetism and power to bring your work in alignment with the new feminine frequencies of 2022. 

This also includes membership to the Great Weave from March 1st until April 1st, AND the March 2-hour Biomancy workshop with Dr Azra Bertrand, plus any other Great Weave benefits that month. 

Exchange: $444 Register via this link (through Azra Bertrand's website)


This includes everything 

* The opening energy transmission gathering on Mar 1st

* The two 3 hour workshops Mar 2nd & 3rd 

* The 3 hour Feminine Leadership workshop Mar 7th

* Great weave membership - online community for 1 month (with benefits)

* Community benefits include 2-hour Biomancy workshop with Azra Bertrand 

* Replay links will be sent if you can't attend any of the workshops live, plus supportive written materials, meditations and embodiment practices 

Payment plans: 

If you register via PayPal, many countries (but not all) offer a Pay Later option, which splits the payment up into 4 installments payable over 6 weeks. 

If you want to take the Feminine Leadership: Advanced Magic option AND you are planning on joining the Biomancy University Diploma (see www.azrabertrand.com) the $444 payment can be added to your 12-month payment plan, please email in. 

Please note, because of the nature of this work there are no scholarships offered. It is not for total beginners, or those who have severe trauma and require safe spaces. 


* For questions email  contact@serenbertrand.com