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What's Brewing on the Stove

In 2018 my life changed forever as my mother died, and then a few months later, early in 2019, I became pregnant with my daughter Orphea Rose, giving birth on the one year anniversary of my mum's passing. This deep initiation turned my life upside down with new possibilities, and a new octave of the feminine mysteries.

The rite-of-passage into motherhood has had me brewing new potions into my creative cauldron, including a series of inspirational and initiatory Audio Books, a collection of essays on the feminine magical path, plus weaving together a vast red thread of a lost world of womb witchcraft once sacred to our Ancestors. 

I have been percolating on a new book to complete the 'trinity' of work on the Feminine Mysteries, which has already been in research for 3 years, and is provisionally called 'Witchblood' -  charting the mystical, forbidden, sacred feminine traditions native to Europe, practiced by witches, midwives, keening women and chantresses. 

This new work of Witchblood is still brewing on the stove, and I will be sharing more about this in 2022. 

In the coming year, 2021, I will be releasing a curated Gramarye - a sacred lore - of my past work on the Womb Mysteries, in an inspiring and accesible form, including a collection of essays, audio books and sacred music. 


WOMB MYSTERY SCHOOL - Audio Books, release date 2021 

This Spiral series of 7 audio books contains mystic conversations, teaching transmissions, meditations and ceremonies, curated from the treasury of my previous global Womb Mystery School. Each book will have a different theme to dive into - from feminine Spirit Keeping, to Sacred Rituals, and the path of Mary Magdalene.

SPIRIT KEEPERS & STORY WEAVERS - Full color collectors book/ebook, release date 2021  

A treasure-trove book of my collected essays on the feminine path of magic, interwoven with the beautiful art of Kate Monkman The essays are not there to teach you or tell you, but to touch you with feminine fairy dust. They are love notes. They speak of a place within us that is soft, rooted, bold and wildly audacious. 

SACRED SOUNDS OF THE WOMB - Sound journey through the Womb Gates, release date 2021

This beautiful and ceremonial-grade music was first created and released in 2013 by myself, Azra Bertrand, Linda Go and Liz Lang. Through toning and sacred music it  weaves a magical sound healing activation journey through the 7 Grail Gates of the Womb, as featured in the Womb Awakening book, and is a companion work.


GATEWAY TO THE MOTHER - Sound healing for creativity and birthing, release date 2021

A portal into conception, creativity and birth, this ceremonial-grade music is an extension of a selected number of tracks on Sacred Sounds of the Womb - including a 33 minute journey of Womb Water, intended for birthing mothers or creatives (my daughter came into the world to the oceanic sounds of this music). Plus it holds two new tracks, including an incantation of the creation story of the world, and a Father's Prayer for new mothers.  

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My hubby, Azra Bertrand has also been brewing a new work, called Biomancy. Visit


As the world continues to unravel and reweave, please continue to share and recommend our books, as I believe the dimensional shifts that are upon us can only be navigated with the nous, cunning and primordial love of the womb of the sacred feminine, in whose womb we were all created, and who sustains all of life.


I look forward to having a virtual cup of tea with you in the future! 


Much love, x Seren