In 2018 my life changed forever as my mother died, and then a few months later, early in 2019, I became pregnant with my daughter, giving birth on the one year anniversary of my mum's passing. This deep initiation turned my life upside down with new possibilities.  


I no longer teach Womb Awakening as an Apprenticeship or personal journey, and we retired our old website last year, as we got pregnant with our daughter Orphea Rose. Now I am focused on motherhood and my life long passion of writing, as a spirit keeper of 'Awen', to bring through the lost feminine traditions through words, myth, story, art and music. 


My hope is that the ideas in Womb Awakening and Magdalene Mysteries pollinate out across the world and that many women feel called to take up the mantle to embody, teach and share its principles from their own inner wisdom and with the weavings of their own experience.


My own website will be evolved in a 'gentle unfolding' (I don't do big launches or big bangs), where more content will be added and eventually there will probably be a subscription circle for podcasts, articles, talks and Q&A's and more. For Azra's website visit  


Keep checking the website for unfolding details, and I will also share news on my Instagram @serenbertrand and @sophiasgarden.ig.


As a new mother, on some days just having a shower or brushing my teeth is big news, so the energy will probably be tidal in nature, wild flows and then gentle elongated ebbs. 


Please continue to share and recommend our books, as I believe the dimensional shifts that are upon us can only be navigated with the nous, cunning and primordial love of the womb of the sacred feminine, in whose womb we were all created, and who sustains all of life.


I look forward to having a virtual cup of tea with you in the future! 


Much love, x Seren 

©2019 by Seren Bertrand