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Seren Bertrand is an award-winning author on feminine wisdom, a storyteller, spirit keeper and chantress, with a degree in English literature and modern philosophy. In 2008 she was nominated for an Amnesty International award for human rights reporting for the British women’s press, and was also nominated for Time-Warner writer of the year. In 2017 she won five international awards, including a Nautilus Award, for Womb Awakening.


She weaves together mythology, spirit vision, symbology, and embodied ecology, to bring forward the feminine philosophy traditions that once spanned the globe. She is informed by her ancestral lineage of Mam Tor, old Europe witches and faery folk, and the later traditions of Magdalene and Mary that hid magic under their cloaks.

“People who deny the existence of dragons are often eaten by dragons. From within.”

Ursula le Guin


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Biomancy is bio magic , it reveals and awakens the astounding power and magic within our bodies, and the quantum alchemy birthing through our evolutionary biology in these times, in relationship to the body of Mother Earth and the Cosmos. 

Are you ready to awaken your alchemical body magic? 



Womb Awakening - Nautilus Award Winner

Released 2017 by Inner Traditions

“A masterwork of beauty, power, and mystical truth,” Christiane Northrup, MD


“A magnificent achievement...” Miranda Shaw, PhD, author of Passionate Enlightenment


“An extraordinary book that is both a revelation and a priceless shamanic guide to the Divine Wisdom of the Feminine” Anne Baring PhD, Jungian scholar and author of Dreams of the Cosmos

Magdalene Mysteries - Nautilus Award Winner

Released 2020 by Inner Traditions

“Beautifully written and illustrated…and extensively researched.” Christine Page, MD


“This exceptional book is a deep immersion into the sacred feminine mysteries.” Sandra Ingerman, MA


“The information in this book is profound and tantalizing.” Linda Star Wolf, PhD

Soul Doula Mysteries: Feminine Art of Grief
Workshop + Ceremony 

Seren Bertrand is hosting a workshop, ceremony and feminine portal on November 2nd (All Souls Day), 1pm EST to enter the feminine shamanic path of the Soul Doula and the mystical arts of grief. For 3-hours we will dive into the Priestess and medicine women rites of lamentation, with teachings, oracles, meditations and ceremonial gateways, plus creating a virtual Ancestor Altar. 


Send a message through the wyrd web. Seren may or may not reply, depending on the day you send it, which way the wind is blowing, how the moon is shining, and if it finds its way down the chimney. Life is often whimsical with us in this way. 

Thank you!